A programmatic approach designed for making winning choices about Change, Strategy & Innovation

that deliver better results and competitive advantage.


Our approach includes a working knowledge of CEN16555 standards parts 1-7 and our key partnership with Innovation360 and Ideation360 of Sweden as follows:
*1 Part 1 = IMS Innovation Mgt System,
*2 Part 2 = Strategic Intelligence Mgt.,
*3 Part 3 = Innovation Thinking,
*4 Part 4 Intellectual Property Mgt.
*5 Part 5 = Collaboration Mgt and
*6 Part 6 = Creativity Mgt. in your InnoProgram,
*7 Part 7 = Innovation Management Assessment as part of your InnoCapabilities



Products and Services are the output of a well designed Value Proposition (VP). Organisations are often guilty of trying to do this important process in reverse. 

  • What is the job you get done for your customer?

  • What are their pains & gains?

  • How do you add value with your products and services?

Value Proposition Design allows organisations to work out what really benefits their target customer groups by taking a customer centric approach. We help organisations design their Value Proposition using our version of the Value Proposition Canvas*. 

This involves working with your selected team through various workshops, as well as our own strategic intelligence work - on competitors, the industry and environment, as well as your organisation and key stakeholders to develop choice options that will deliver real benefits for target customers.

*Source ref: Value Proposition Design : Osterwalder / Pigneur



Business Model discussions consider Target Customers, Value Proposition/s, Channels, Customer Relationships, Key Activities, Capabilities, Resources, Partnerships, Revenue, Cost and Profit.

Business Model Design* is the basis of preparing your organisation for the future and by its nature should not be easy for competitors to copy.

We help you innovate your business (model) whether you are looking for new revenue streams, new markets, new business or new products and services.


We help you to understand your current business (model) using our version of the Business Model Canvas*, and design new models for your organisation, based upon market trends & opportunities – and how to respond to them, - or if you need or want to change your organisation from a product-oriented one to a service-oriented one, and in doing so define new ways to add value for your customers.

*Source ref: Business Model Design : Osterwalder / Pigneur



The Innovation Analysis with Recommendations (IAR) identifies opportunities for improvement of an organisations’ innovation practice, providing tangible recommendations on how to sharpen your Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Capabilities.

Innovation360™ is a key partner of Stratovation and the HorizonChoices approach.

It uses a methodology created by the Swedish company Innovation360 Group based on research with more than one thousand (1000+) Global companies in 62 countries over the last 10 years,* combined with cutting edge AI algorithms to assist decision-making and pattern recognition. 

The IAR identifies and assesses 66 individual innovation capabilities through a system called InnoSurvey™ which is compliant with European Standard CEN16555: Part 7: 2015 Innovation Management Assessment (soon to be ISO 50502).


 *most likely the largest innovation database in the world combined with cutting edge AI algorithms to assist decision-making and pattern recognition. Innovation360 is a key partner of Stratovation™. 

To learn more about   InnoSurvey™   as key component of our programmatic approach to sharpening your Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Capabilities –   CLICK HERE TO VISIT INNOVATION360      InnoSurvey™     is a registered trademark of Innovation360 Group AB of Sweden     “ InnoSurvey, Ideation360, Innovation360 Group & the graphic symbol (003165554-0001) ”wheel of innovation” are trademarks and/or copyrights of the Innovation360. ©2016 the Innovation360. All rights reserved.     

To learn more about InnoSurvey™ as key component of our programmatic approach to sharpening your Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Culture and Capabilities – CLICK HERE TO VISIT INNOVATION360

InnoSurvey™  is a registered trademark of Innovation360 Group AB of Sweden

InnoSurvey, Ideation360, Innovation360 Group & the graphic symbol (003165554-0001) ”wheel of innovation” are trademarks and/or copyrights of the Innovation360. ©2016 the Innovation360. All rights reserved.





In the same way InnoSurvey™ looks at innovation capabilities, the competence assessment helps organisations define the things needed for “getting it”.

Competence is different to ‘capability’. When you’re ‘competent’ you ‘get it’.

In our Innovation competence assessment for each participant we can check competences and gaps to one or several business roles. The competences are decided by your organisation – not an industry laundry list. 

You could also see what roles the participants potentially could have within your organisation

Innovation360 is a key partner of Stratovation and the HorizonChoices approach.




Ideation360™ enterprise allows you to connect ideas to strategic initiatives that mirror your organizational structure on the platform, to truly do ‘ideation’ at scale, with customized tracking and reporting.


Based on world leading methodology and research - from parent company Innovation360 Group and learnings from data collected from 6000+ companies in 62 countries

Multi platform – via App, Web, iFrame and customisable to meet the specific needs of your organisation including your branding

Ideation360™ & Innovation360™ are key partners of Stratovation and the HorizonChoices approach.




IMS – innovation management system - a detailed set of processes to manage your Innovation activities

In the same way that the ISO9001 Quality Management standard has come to reflect best practice in a business management systems (BMS) approach, the Innovation Management Standard set CEN/TS 16555 incorporates a lot of elements that constitute current best practice and thinking on innovation management and will soon become the International Standards set ISO50501-5.

We work with organisations to embed innovation management into their existing systems - not create new ones.

Ideation360™ & Innovation360™ are key partners of Stratovation™ and the HorizonChoices™ approach.


*IMS i360 program is compliant
**the i360 IAR program is compliant
***ideation360 has encompassed major elements of these standards in the SaaS offer for enterprises


The CEN 16555 Standard consists of 7 documents, whereas the upcoming ISO standards at this point will have only 5 in the first phase:

+ Innovation management system (16555-1:2013) –  will become ISO 50501*

+ Strategic intelligence management (16555-2:2014) – will become ISO 50504

+ Innovation thinking (16555-3:2014)*** – to be advised

+ Intellectual property management (16555-4:2014) – will become ISO 50505

+ Collaboration management (16555-5:2014)*** – will become ISO 50503

+ Creativity management (16555-6:2014)*** – to be advised

+ Innovation management assessment (16555-7:2015)  - will become ISO 50502**



Developing a DNA activity map is not easy, however, once you have a good one, it is a very insightful strategic tool, allowing you to make choices about whether a new idea or opportunity for innovation fits the existing strategy, value proposition and business model.

Our methodology of developing a DNA/activity map brings together in the one visual your organisation’s strategy and innovation choices as expressed in your value proposition.

It highlights the most important and subsequent differentiated benefits from that Value Proposition and this becomes the basis of your organisations sustainable competitive advantage*.

It connects these to the key activities and capabilities of your organisation required to deliver this value proposition better than any other competitor or competitors. 

*Porter in his now famous “what is strategy” article summarises "Sustainable Competitive Advantage” as:

  • Unique competitive position for the company

  • Activities tailored to strategy

  • Clear trade-offs and choices vis-à-vis competitors

  • Competitive advantage arises from fit across activities

  • Sustainability comes from the activity system, not the parts

  • Operational effectiveness is a given




The Innovation360 framework* for assessing and measuring innovation capability is defined by six fundamental questions, often referred to as “the 5 Ws and the H” of problem solving.

The framework is based on the conviction that an innovation process is necessary in order for an organisation to be a world-class innovator.

The framework provides the opportunity for discussions with seniors leaders about current and desired innovation in their orgainsations.

Licensed Practitioners** are trained and accredited in the use of the Innovation Survey and InnoSurvey™ by the Innovation360™ Group

Innovation360™ are key partners of Stratovation™ and the HorizonChoices™ approach.


*The innovation framework is the intellectual property of Innovation 360 AB of Sweden (Source: Penker 2011c)
**Peter Glasheen – Principal of Stratovation - is the first Global Master Black Belt Licensed Practitioner accredited by i360 and is part of the i360 faculty. He is licensed to train and accredit other Management Consultants and in-house Strategy and Innovation officers on behalf of Innovation360